About our Jewellery

Fleur Jewellery is made using natural gemstones, freshwater cultured pearls and filled gold. Most items are available in sterling silver upon request.

As the gemstones are natural and in some cases hand cut they may very slightly in colour and size from the ones shown in the photos.

If you are interested in the healing properties of the gemstones please email us and we will send you information.

We are happy to create custom made jewellery for you, please email use with your requirements. Please note custom made items are non-returnable.

Caring for your Jewellery

Put on your jewellery after you have applied your makeup, hairspray and perfume. Chemicals in these products can be harmful to certain gemstones.

Long exposure to direct sunlight can cause the colour of some stones to fade. Please avoid leaving pieces in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Remove jewellery before bathing or swimming. Chemicals or minerals in the water may harm the stones.

After you have worn your jewellery, wipe it gently with a soft clean cloth to keep it looking beautiful.


Store pearls in a soft cloth pouch or wrap them in a soft cloth. Pearls are a soft gemstone material and should be treated delicately; they require moisture to prevent them from becoming too dry and brittle, so avoid storing in plastic bags, which do not breathe.

Rainbow fluorite is a very delicate stone and should be handled with care so as not to damage.